About Us

Welcome to Puppy Trail

Puppy Trail was established to provide you with the best designer products available so your puppy finally receives that amazing products that are not only of high quality but also have your style in mind.  The first product that Puppy Trail would like to present to you is the designer puppy pad.   I’m sure you have all seen the basic blue pads that are used by all puppies for potty training.  No one likes the look of them and everyone hides them when guest arrive.  We at Puppy Trail did not want to potty train our puppy on something we were ashamed for our guest.  So we decided to create a puppy pad that was not only of the quality our princess deserved, but also as stylish as she is.  After lots of design work and quality testing we present to you the first Designer Puppy Pad.  Now you can finally have your puppy feel like the princess she is. 

At Puppy Trail we are not only going to provide you with an amazing product but we are passionate about our customers and want to make sure have an amazing experience.  We love hearing stories  from our customers about how much they are enjoying there designer puppy pads and look forward to providing you with more designer goods in the near future.